Sunday, January 15, 2012

Essay aku...Adeiii

ok,ini adalah essay yang aku buat tadi.Adeiii pening kepala....dah lama tak buat essay!!..korang baca lahh..kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

My Future

Many humans have their own ambitions, some want to be rich,happy and prosperous life in the future. There is also a desire to choose a job that gives pleasure to themselves and their families.But for me, I aspire to be a nutrition specialist.

I want to be a nutrition specialist because I wanted to help the people of Malaysia to avoid any disease and obesity. Now with various diseases has been happening to people. Most of these diseases stem from not caring in daily food intake. As a responsible man, I need to make this as my success point to make the people free from disease malaysia such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and others.

I also really love the medical fieldIt does not matter in terms of traditional and modern medicineI also always read books related to medicine, particularly in respect of the medical books of Islam.

I love this job because it is a noble jobTo provide knowledge and advice is a noble and good job for someone who is introubleIf I succeed in this field, I will make sure that this success will be shared with my familyI will keep my parents happy and pleased with my career.

For the future I achievedI have to start from nowI need to study hard, especially on the subject science.I also need to be concerned and know the problems faced by my friends and familyI hope that  my ambition in the future will be achieved.

P/S: Nasib baik ada google translate.Kalau tak pening kepala buka tutup buka tutup buku kamus.


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  2. Humans have ambitions where some want to be rich,happy and having prosperous life in the future.There are desires to choose job that can give pleasure to themselves and their families.As for me,I was inspired to be a nutrition specialist.

    I want to be a nutrition specialist because I want to avoid problems that related to obesity or any diseases among Malaysians.The diseases are threatening Malaysians nowadays. It can be happened when we pay less attention on our daily meals.I feel responsible in helping other people in order to avoid the diseases. For instance, diabetes,hypertension and obesity.

    I am so into medic. It does not matter whether it is traditional medical field or modern medical field. I used to read books that related to medic. Other than that, I read Islamic medical books to widen my knowledge.

    I love this job because it is a noble job.It is something that I want for myself and at the same time,I help other people.To spread knowledge or to give advice is considered as an act of kindness to someone who is in trouble.If I succeed in this particular field, I will make sure that the success can be shared with my family.I will make my parents happy and proud of me.

    For the sake of my future, I have to start from now. I need to study hard, especially on Science subjects. Besides, I have to show my concern towards my family members and my friends whenever they face problems. I hope that my dream to be a nutrition specialist will come true someday somehow.

    p/s : tolong mane yg patut je pun masih dlm proses blajar..gentle advice,tenses jaga eh klu nk tulis essay.patutnya guna present tense sbb bnda yg kamu nk tulis blum berlaku.hehe.klu ada yg x pasti,rujuk cikgu kt sekolah.takut apa yg sy betulkan tu salah ke apa.kita sama2 belajar :)


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